Maid Cleaning Service

We Enjoy the Cleaning Work and You... Just RELAX! Let Our Cleaning Maids In Control

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Why We Are The Best?

We've listen to our clients over the time to present the unique services they tell us are mainly valuable to them. This are just a small amount of of the reasons our customer’s consider we're the best.


•Maid Nurse completes a background and criminal history check on all employees prior to employ them.
•We Warranted. If you are not delighted with the labor made in certain part of your house, just call us within 24 hours and we will re-clean the area at no cost or extra charge.
•Our key system is secure and our clients don’t leave their keys with us, no incident reported.


•Our personnel use Uniforms, Creating a professional glance and contented feel when our Maids enter in your house.
•Every Maid had extensive lessons and preparation prior to service your home.
•The Staff are insured for your peace of mind.
•Peak excellence employees in the industry works in our Company.
•Never be bothered that your Maid Team is not able to work due to illness or vacation. Maid Nurse at all times cover an staff associate ready and capable to do every of your cleaning demands.

Higher Control

•With other Maid Companies, homeowners commonly build up special relationship with the service provider. Some times this can be a positive feature; it makes it complicated to discuss any discontent you may have. With Maid Nurse, you can benefit from individual connection at the same time as utilizing Maid Manager to discuss any questions or concerns.
•Our Maids center on a Checklist at each clean-up sites.


•In no way, you will be under contracts that obligate you to a certain amount of cleanings. You just call us with in 48 Hours to end or change your cleaning schedule calendar or Click Reschedule on your confirmation email and select the time and date best fit your needs. It's that simple. We Refund your Money if you paid in Advance.
•We recommend a handy credit card payment so you in no way have to keep in mind to leave a check or cash.
•We carry our own cleaning materials, use products and equipment that have been tested and reflect to be the top in the cleaning industry, (No Home Made Product). We are pleased to use your own utensils or any product you request; however, we will not be responsible for any problem that results.
•Because the people who Service your house are Homes Clinic Personnel, you don't have to be concerned about payroll taxes, Insurance or worker's compensation paper work.